Frequently asked questions

I don't know anything about Minecraft modding. Explain everything.

As of writing, Minecraft doesn't have anything "modding API," so members of the community have taken up themselves to write their own.

  • Bukkit is a server-only mod with support for plugins, but it does not allow its plugins to add new blocks or items (at least not true blocks or items).
  • Forge is for both the server and client and it allows the adding of true blocks and items.

Bukkit is generally favored by most people who run servers, and most of the administrative, logging, protection, and other management plugins only exist for Bukkit. If one wants to run a vanilla server with mods, Bukkit would be the ideal choice.

Because Forge lets mods add new blocks, items, and so on, most of the mods for Forge are primarily gameplay related and there are very few mods for management for Forge.

That is the main dichotomy within Minecraft, but there are also various off-shoots of those two.

  • Spigot is an off-shoot of Bukkit, both for technical and political reasons. It is fully compatible with plugins that are made for Bukkit. Spigot offers tweaks for increasing performance.
  • Because a lot of people want to run both Forge and Bukkit, the Cauldron project (previously named MCPC+) exists that combine both the Forge server and Spigot.

Before Bukkit, Forge, or any of the above software, there was hMod — a server-only mod similar to Bukkit. Bukkit was created out of hMod by some of the developers (but not all) of hMod. Canary was created at the same time by some other developers.

What should I use to install WorldEdit?

Once we get the Forge version of WorldEdit to a point of completion, this will be less complicated.

What should I know about using experimental builds?

First, we cannot make guarantees as to whether the experimental builds will break things because it represents code that is being worked on. Realistically, the experimental builds are safe 95% of the time, but occasionally there may be some major issue.

Second, at the moment, all the official releases use WorldEdit 5.x. The version being developed is 6.x, which has a very long list of changes. This may result in some problems with plugin compatibility as they may not expect WorldEdit 6's different API.

What is the easiest way to use WorldEdit on single player?

Using MultiMC is perhaps the easiest way to install WorldEdit. Download MultiMC for your system, extract it somewhere, and run the program.

Once the program is open, click the top right to login.

Then, click "New Instance" in the top left toolbar as seen below.

MultiMC with no instances

Choose any name for this profile and pick the MC version that you want.

Create new instance dialog

Right click the profile and click "Edit Mods."

Edit mods

Choose "Install Forge" or "Install LiteLoader" — or even both, depending on the version of WorldEdit that you want to use.

Loader installation

Already downloaded WorldEdit for Forge or LiteLoader? Good. On the "Loader Mods" tab, click "Add" and add the version of WorldEdit that you downloaded.

Loader mods installation

Click "Close" and double click the profile to run Minecraft with WorldEdit!

Note! Some features, such as setting biomes or copying and pasting chests, may not work. This is because the version of WorldEdit you have chosen does not fully implement WorldEdit. The most capable version of WorldEdit is for Bukkit, a server mod, but that requires a server.